Stay strong [Nga]

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3 years ago, i have a serious problem with my skin face. It was damaged by sun, and became very dark when compare with skin on my body. I used to work in a skin clinic and guessed that its not kind of melasma or pigmentation, or brown spot as usual. People worry for me cause im still young and single.
I tried to go some dermatologist to please my friends. Most of dermatologists asked me to use some lotion and sun block for my skin. I feel myself that was not a good solution, so i didn’t follow. I was just very patient with yoga cause I think “Okay, maybe I’m not beautiful anymore but I have to be healthy, and keep continue with my life!”
Luckily, after more than 1 year, my skin face became better. Of course, people was really surprised. They asked me about the treatment and I answered “I don’t have any treatment!”. Honestly, I don’t know why magic thing happened to me.
After I studied anatomy in 200hr YTTC, I understand that body is a consistent system. If a small part in that system has problem, the whole system will be affected. Practising asana made my body healthier and so that, my face skin become better, naturally without medicine.
I’m so happy.

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