Stay still… [Nga]

By the time, I mature, I recognise that the most difficult thing in life is keep peaceful in mind. Many friends of mine didn’t come back yoga studio even the 2nd time just because they can’t sit at 1 place, keep quiet 1 hour, hold each pose in 10s… The same to me at the 1st time i start yoga. I hate take a sit and just breath. 5 minutes breathing is the longest time in my day. Teacher asked me close your eyes, focus on my breathing and nothing in my mind. But you know what, when I close my eyes, my clients appear, I think about what I said to staff, why my competitor can break the price…
But now, everything has changed. Im here for the YTTC. I a little bit know how to concentrate and keep peaceful in mind after long practising. Yoga make me feel life is better when just focus on what I wanna do, ignore the bad things, bad people around. Its the time I completely understand my favourite quote: “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms!”

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