Starting Phase 2 of My Life with Yoga !

Starting Phase 2 of My Life with Yoga !

When a child, I was a chubby girl who always felt that my arms were very weak. I could not even hold my school bag. I would mostly avoid strenuous exercise with my arms as they would pain afterwards. My mother would always say that your shoulders are as weak as mine , when I would complain to her about my shoulders. On the way to school, as my shoulders would pain on bicycle – I devised a plan to keep all my books and my bag on the backseat while I would walk home.

After my marriage, I started realizing the same pain when I would do the household work – the shoulders would pain horribly at times.Things became more strenuous post my deliveries. After I delivered both my babies,  i gained weight and this was the time when I again started realising the pain especially when it was time to carry the kids.

About 3 years ago, I felt that I have numb arms . The pain at times  would become unbearable. Now I started realising that I need to take a rest every afternoon so I get a break to my day and then and resting would give me a relief but that was never long lasting. The pain would come back the moment some strenous activities happens during the day time.

During all of these years I wasn’t able to dedicate time for myself as my kids were small. However, I was always waiting for the right time when I would start doing something which will not just fix my pain but make me more fit, flexible and keep me young.

A friend of mine at this juncture connected me to someone who was taking Yoga Classes and I joined her class. In first few classes itself, I found amazing enery and strength in my body which I was looking for throughout my bad time. I thought my problem was solved and I started doing Yoga with more enthusiasam and was acknowledged by my Mentor/Teacher as the best student in the class.

With the interest in this vast subject and the variety of benefit Yoga Offers I made a decision to start a career in Yoga Teaching. I started looking for full time classes – I thought this way I will be able to keep myself fit and would also be able to teach world about this legacy which has been flowing through since thousands of years. I was also hopeful that I would be able to at least educate people around me towards the importance of Yoga .

Tirisula Yoga Institute happened to be academy which I have chosen to sail this journey with. The institute has wide presence in Singapore, their centres and the teachers are excellent , amicable , approachable. The centres was specially ensuring that all precaution was taken around the Covid scare. My fellow student colleagues are amazing friend who are helping me to do difficult poses during our classes.

I have joined teacher training courses around two months ago. As of now, it has been excellent learning. I have sailed through this jurney till now. Currently, I am trying to perform dificult Yoga poses like headstand and crow pose.  I am  at a stage where even when the pain is not completly out from my life, I am more confident and finding less pain on my way – even when involved into difficult poses.

I remember the first day my teacher said whatever tension you have in your mind just leave it and enter the yoga room in peace. I have onboarded this journey since the first day and I am enjoying it thoroughly.  My teachers knows that my shoulders and arms are weak – they encourage me and help me during difficult poses. I want to live the rest of my life with Yoga.

I have found a physical and mental balance in my life with Yoga !