How it all started

I have always been interested of yoga as long as I can remember. However, it was only in 2011 after many years of hectic working life that I finally made an effort to find a studio offering yoga classes to balance the busy work life and seek some relief for the kinks of the body.
Small yoga studio near my home was holding few classes a week, so one fine day me and my friend set our steps to a beginners’ class. The start wasn’t really promising: we were late for the class due to losing our way, I couldn’t sit still cross legged and eyes closed at the start of the class, constantly peeking if the teacher had already instructed to move on to next activity without me hearing and I just felt generally uneasy sitting still for extended period. Holding warrior II felt next to impossible as the hands felt so heavy and legs were trembling (although I’m sure the teacher didn’t ask to hold the pose for long!) and I felt absolutely terrified when we were asked to do L-shape on the wall!
However, after the class I remember of having a sense of calmness and relaxation, and only after few classes I was noticing how my body was starting to respond by becoming stronger and more flexible. Suddenly I was able to hold poses for required period and for example even bind my hands in parsvakonasana variation!
All that encouraged me to keep on returning on the mat, and here I am still on the same road, trying to make progress both physically and mentally…