The Start of My Yoga Journey

I had never been a sporty person, always failing my physical education tests in school. I couldn’t sit with both my back and legs straight. Neither could I touch my toes. As I’d just started figure skating, I also really wanted to improve my flexibility. When I stumbled upon a yoga studio on my student exchange program in Zagreb, Croatia, I decided I would give it a try. I had nothing better to do with my free time (woohoo no studying!) and yoga is easy… right? Oh I was so wrong. Perhaps it’s because I somehow landed myself in an ashtanga class hahaha.
I watched my super strong teacher effortlessly move through vinyasas while I struggled to keep up. Still, she did her best to help the very lost me. Did I mention classes are originally held in Croatian? The teacher would ask the class if she could teach in English for me and they were more than happy to accommodate. Everyone was so nice and encouraging, I ended buying a class package to continue practicing.
Just two months later, I touched my toes for the first time and did my first wheel pose – something I thought I would never be able to do in my lifetime! I thought such things were only for really bendy dancers to do. I started to see my strength and flexibility improving and this is superficial but I could even take pretty instagram-worthy photos of me in yoga poses while traveling Europe. I fell in love with yoga more and more each day as I experienced the physical benefits of yoga.
I have a very short attention span and quit easily. It actually surprises me that I am here now, and still very much loving what I do. I am learning more about yoga every day, and how there is so much more to yoga than just the physical. My journey is only about to get more exciting and I can’t wait to see where this takes me to next!
Jan 2015 Weekday 200hrs YTTC
P.S. Yes, good teachers really make or break the experience. I’ve experienced it for myself, which is what brings me here today. I hope students will one day see me the way I see my very first yoga teacher and perhaps I will change their lives too, for the better. 😉

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