The Start of the 200-Hour Journey of Yoga Teacher Training

Why and how did I embark on this journey?
I used to be a dancer in my younger days but stopped around 10 years ago. Flexibility and the strength to jump around were my powerful tools during my dancing years. After I stopped, I did no form of exercise regularly. My health deteriorated and I felt tired easily. Also diagnosed with anemia, fainting spells were my friends for the bulk of my youth days. As a teacher in secondary school back then, I failed my students time and again due to my ill health state. I decided to change my lifestyle bit by bit, which started with better sleep routine and regular meal times. I then started attending yoga classes and the awareness I have of my body, increased. Fainting spells no longer affect me and I feel energized everyday.
After 2 years of yoga studio class practice and with the encouragement of a fellow yogi friend, I embarked on this 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course together with her, with the intention to deepen my practice of yoga by understanding its roots and thereafter, to have the ability and capacity to share the knowledge of yoga to many others.
We are in mid of Week 2 of the course and I can totally feel the difference in my body already. There were a few breakthroughs and first-times, and these made me realise that I can actually go further. I am very grateful to Master Paalu and the teachers who dedicatedly adjusted and motivated us through the whole physical training process every morning. Their clear instructions on alignments gave me more awareness of my body and also the movements from pose to pose in tandem with the breath.
Looking forward to the class every single day!
200-hr Mar’15 Weekday Batch

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