Standing ≠ Resting TADASANA

Tadasana from afar: CALM
mountain 2
Tadasana upclose:AVALANCHE
Coming into the asana part of the training I thought I had a fair grasp on how to perform some. One of these poses was the Tadasana or the mountain pose. I felt it was the simplest of all and considered it my go to resting pose. At face value this is the most boring pose that you can get. It’s basically standing, something we take for granted and do involuntary.
But as the theory lessons have been engraving in to us- we must have no prejudice. A simple pose can deceive you. It can be a multitude of actions performed simultaneously to achieve this seemingly calm pose. I was indeed blessed to be wrong. I found out that most of your muscles are awake and engaged at this time.
Pointers that were repeatedly barked were to ground the heels and balls of the feet, knees are straight, patella up, Engage the quadriceps femoris, Engage the gluteal muscles and the abdominal muscles, tuck the tailbone in. Our masters kept going on and on. Indeed, there is no resting tadasana nor is there a truly resting mountain.
Bianca Pereche- Gamboa
200hr TTC (weekday), March 2015