Spin your Chakras – well the 3rd one anyway!

Let’s get the basics out of the way.  There are 7 Chakras that run down the centre of your body:


7.  Sahasrara Thousand Petal Lotus – Crown Chakra
6.  Agya

Spiritual Eye (+’ve pole)

Medulla Oblongata (-‘ve pole)

Mouth of God

5.  Bishuddha Cervical Centre
4.  Anahata Dorsal (heart) Centre
3.  Manipura Lumbar Centre
2.  Swadisthana Sacral Centre
1.  Muladhara Coccyx Centre

Chakra means wheel or circle in Sanskrit, they are spiritual points within our bodies where energy is focused.  Imagine them as “gates” through which your streams of energy come together, most of the time this energy flows downwards but through meditation we can create an upward flow within your spine.  If you can focus that energy, open the gates moving upwards then the teachings say you can awaken the true self and achieve enlightenment.

3rd Chakra

So that’s the basic done, I’m not going to cover anything more on that but focus on the 3rd chakra.  Why?  Because often this is where people get stuck on move that energy upwards.  Now this chakra is related to fire and it’s got good and bad aspects.  Sometimes we need fire in us to drive us forward to achieve something we thought impossible, but if we are not careful it can get out of control and become self-destructive.  These negative aspects we can think of as harshness, cruelty, anger or abuse of power.

So when thinking of the 3rd chakra use it to your advantage, let if help focus your energy, create great purpose and determination to achieve.  Warning! Be careful and mindful that when focusing this energy, it’s easy for the balance to shift negatively, watch for it and make sure it doesn’t consume you and others around you.

Happy spinning.

Jason Wells, Jan 2017, 200hr Yoga TTC

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