Special class plan

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (King of pigeon) with the wall
This posture needs open shoulders and hip joints. Also stretch many muscles around shoulders and hips.
1. 3 oms. 10 bhastrika 10 rounds.
2. Stand and release joints.
3. Suryanamaskara A 5 rounds. Suryanamaskara B 5 rounds.
4. Garudasana. Right arm down left arm up and wrap around hands together. Wrap left leg around right leg, press elbows.to each other and sink down. Hold 20. The other side.
5. Sit in bajarasana. Gomukhasana. Cross right leg over the left, making right knee on the of the left. Sit in between heals on the sitting bones. Bring left arm up, bend elbow and push elbow toward inside with right hand so that bicep comes to back of the head. Rotate right shoulder, bring the arm behind and bind. Push left upper arm with the head (20 counts.) Change sides.
6. Melting heart. Come to cat position, bring chest and chin down and stretch arms forward. Hip and knee line is vertical to the floor. Hands closer and chest down toward the floor. (20 counts). Bend elbows, bring hands behind head and make prayer pose. Push shoulders and chest down. Chin up. (20 counts)..
7. Back to down dog. Feet together bring right leg up and bend knee, open pelvic looking toward right arm pit. extend. (count 20)
8. Bring right leg outside right foot. Elbows down. Back leg straight body back and forth. Knee down, straighten arms, push inner knee with right hand. Inner foot up. Hold. Rotate right shoulder and twist body bring arms back and stretch. Hold. Bend left knee and catch outside of left ankle and bring foot back. Pull the shoulder back with foot and sink hip lower. (20) Slowly release. Go back to downdog. Move legs back and forth. Do the same sequence on left side from no.7.
9. Dandasana. Point right knee up, bring leg up and hug knee with sole touching left inner elbow and knee touching right inner elbow. Make shin bone parallel to the floor and grab opposite wrist with one hand. Shake side to side. Bring shin closer to the chest with straight spine. Hold 20 counts. Bend left knee and slowly roll down. If possible straighten left knee little by little. Hold 20 counts. Do the other side.
10. Lie down on the back, happy baby pose. ( 1 minute)
11. Sit and go back to downward dog, bring right leg up, bring right knee in between hands and come to pigeon. Square hips, bring upper body back and straight. Place hands beside the body and press shoulders down. Left arm up and look up. Raise right arm and stay. (count 10) Bend left knee hook ankle inside left inner elbow with assist of right hand. Raise right arm, bring it back and bind. Body facing forward and lifting from pelvic floor. Llook up, open the chest and stay. (20 counts) Opposite side.
12. Come closer to the wall. Come to pigeon with back bent knee touching the wall. Make sure hips square and body facing forward. Catch left foot with left hand from below, palm facing up. Rotate left shoulder and bring foot up. Bring right arm behind and catch the foot. Open the chest, bring shoulders back and lift the body up from the pelvic floor. Stay for 1 minute. Opposite side.
13. Child’s pose.
14. Dandasana. Arms up paschimottanasana. (1 minute)
15. Cross right leg to outside of left leg. Left arm up and twist to the right side. Release tension in the lower back. The other side.
16. Lie down and hold knees tightly closer to chest. Inhale head up nose closer to knees. (10 counts)
17. Release. Savasana.

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