Enter the world of sound healing with our 2-day crystal singing bowl certification workshop and connect with your deeper self.


Crystals are used in many forms for healing and centering; crystal singing bowls amplify and transmute energy when played. Aligning with your chakra energy centers, crystal bowls can help reduce stress and pain, promote deep relaxation and develop better self-awareness. On a subtler level, the music that emanates from crystal singing bowls promotes inner healing. The universe has a vibration and crystal singing bowls home in on that connection between you and the world. In sound and energy healing, balancing vibrations can bring the body into harmony and therefore good health.


In this workshop, you will participate in sound healing meditations and learn about how sound healing can work with your energy centers to improve your wellbeing. Learn how to play the bowls and add another dimension to your yoga teaching, practice, reiki or general self-care methods.


What is covered?

The topics covered in this 2-day certification workshop include:

  • What is Crystal Singing Bowl healing and how does it work
  • The history and composition of bowls
  • Characteristics of bowls and wands
  • How to play the bowls off the body; on the body; with hot and cold water
  • Benefits of this technique
  • Therapeutic applications
  • Practice different types of healing techniques: self-healing, one-to-one therapy & group work
  • Working with subtle energy body system
  • Theory of aura & chakras
  • Techniques for assessing imbalances in clients
  • Integrating voice with Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Working with the power of resonance, intent and imagery
  • Client management
  • Contra indications
  • Bowl care


Who should attend:

Reiki, Yoga practitioners, Therapists, All who are keen in sound healing



2 days, 5 hours daily



SGD 800


For more information, please email info@tirisulayoga.com.




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