Sound Healing Experience in Bali

I embarked a yoga & relaxation retreats in Ubud Bali this Oct. During my stay, I joined 1-hour sound healing session at Pyraminds of Chi, which is an amazing journey so I would like to share my experience with you.

There are 2 impressive Pyramids located in the centre of a beautiful rice field surroundings, with 14 metres (46’) x 14 Metres each. As from my photo below (Picture 1), the golden one on the right side is called Pyramid of the Sun, and the blue one is name as Moon. The names indicate a balance in the nature, which also remind me the similar idea as YinYang in Chinese cultures. (As the picture 2)


As I entered Pyraminds, there are some ancient instruments came into my attention, such as the gongs, drums and Didgeridoo, located at the centre of the room, and with comfortable mattresses placed in a circle around the inside perimeter. As the journey began, I lied down on one of the cushion, and the internal environment made me feel very relaxed as nice temperature, natural light and aromatic scent. The master healer started with a soft voice to guide us to release the tension on the muscle and joints from head to toe. As she stated to play different instruments, I can feel various Vibration of frequency, not only around me but also penetrated my body. Firstly I felt calm, peaceful, and the most beautiful part, gradually I visualized a beautiful life pictures in my mind, where I were talking and laughing with my family, and my dogs running around me, such a sweet life! I totally indulged in my nice picture and the body was all relaxed. Such an amazing journey.

According to modern scientific research, by employing Vibration of frequency, our brainwaves are entertained to shift our normal beta state to alpha and reach theta (meditative status) and even delta, which produces deep relaxation and stimulates inner peace. It can further help to lower heart rate, reduce pressure, improve sleep pattern etc.

In yoga system, the sound healing practice synchronises with Chakra System. As illustrated at classes, our “energy body” consists of seven chakras with different vibration of frequency. When playing an instrument that matches certain chakra’s vibration of frequency, they produce an effect of resonance. Thus our inner power get unblocked and enlightened gradually.   

The modern society provides us with affluent food, information and wealth. But at the same time, the overflow of the materialism causes lots of mental blockages and physical illness. I

 – Kate Zhou Jiarong  200hr Instructor tradning course 2017 (Sep Weekends Classes)





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