Something Fun, Be creative

We are having fun and crazy ideas of what we can do next!!! Not just for earning, but also help to contribute back to the community.

My friends came asking me, what I can contribute.?? That is where my idea came about to conduct some classes.

Opening a café cum yoga studio that sells take away coffee and some pastries was one of the ideas, with few benches for students who wants to mingle after the practice. It will only be operating from 8am – 4pm where we can still have work life balance. Portion of it will be yoga studio, where I can practice, perhaps teaching, renting the space out or even giving out free yoga lesson once or twice a month. And decide to take one of the days earnings and donate to the orphanage.😃

When I spoke to friends about yoga, to them they thought yoga is a female sport where they wear sport wear and do simple poses. Seems so easy, and after explaining to them some of the Mudras, Chakras, Pranayama. To my surprise they are very interested to know more about it and change the perspective how they look at yoga.

As most of them are working in the office for long hours. How this can improve their health and posture? After we practice on the mat, they realized the need to engage the core muscles of the body to corporate and coordinate the flow of the breath with the poses, to do a “simple looking pose”. And, the breathing technique that is something new to them. Never did they think that breathing can be something that you are born with, can have so many techniques and benefit to our health. So, this inspire me wants to learn more so that I can share the knowledge.