Some awkward and embarrassing moments in a yoga class

Though we pretend to ignore but there are some uncomfortable scenarios we deal in a yoga class. It is distracting and sometimes we are annoyed of these disturbances and interruptions during a yoga class.

1. Yoga student comes late and walks noisily into class. Or a yoga student who leaves early. Likewise, when a yoga teacher comes late.
2. Seeing some students inappropriately dressed, having tears in the crotch or wears see-through clothing.
3. Mess next to you. Knocking over a water bottle or a drinking glass, then you spill the liquid. Tripping over an eye-glasses and almost breaking it.
4. Farts. You are lucky if it is just air.
5. Loud and exaggerated breathing
6. Loud noises like low-flying aircrafts, fire alarms, and mobile phones going off in class especially during final relaxation.
7. Falling into deep sleep during Savasana, and then snores. At times, waking up when everyone is about to leave because class is over.