The solution to my problems: Ujjayi Breath

On my way to yoga class one morning, I had gotten onto the wrong bus. As soon as I had realized, panic started to set in and the rule of punctuality in the yoga studio repeated like a formidable mantra in my mind: If we are late, we will have to sit outside the class for the entire day. My heart started to race as I got off the bus, into an area that I was not familiar with. The first thing I did was to try and flag down a cab, however due to the rush hour, I was not able to get a cab. It was becoming increasingly difficult to think straight especially since I myself, am so particular about punctuality.
Suddenly I remembered the ujjayi breathing technique that we had learnt in class and started to take slow inhalations and exhalations while contracting my throat muscles. After a few breaths, my mind and body began to calm down. My anxiousness was overcome by the prompt soothing effects of this ancient yogic breathing technique that made me sound like Dark Vader as I walked down the street. With a calm and composed mind, I was able to find my way to the studio and managed to make it just in time for the class to start.
Ever since that morning, I have been using the ujjayi breathing technique in any situation that makes me feel frustrated, stressed, or irritated such as when I could not master bhujapidasana or when talking to my sister when she is bad tempered.
I feel that ujjayi breath is not only something that I can use to help me master the various asanas of yoga but also to help me conquer the difficult situations that life puts my through. Therefore, to me, this is one of the most valuable things I have learnt because it doesn’t only help me flourish in yoga, but it also improves and strengthens me as a person.
Aditi Timbadia

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