Slow and steady

Most people, myself included, know yoga through the physical practice part, namely the Asana. However, they should be integrated with regular breathing (Pranayama), recognizing the body’s limits and not pushing beyond (Ahimsa), free from mind chatters (Pratyahara), practice in moderation (Brahmacharya) by varying intensity, and being contented in the current state (Santosha).

I always envied people who have strong arm strength as it is one of the many areas that I’m lacking. There are countless asanas that require not just flexibility, but strength to bring and hold the body into the pose. Often I will scan the studio, looking around for inspirations, and imitate those around me. Little did I know that by doing so, I lost focus on my own body awareness. I struggled to find the correct body positioning and became distracted. I became inpatient and frustrated.

Through the 8 limbs of yoga, I learnt to be kind to my body, to give it time. I learnt to embrace my strength while work on my weaknesses. Instead of jumping straight into the pose that could possibly break my neck, I practice the simpler variations to prepare my body for it. Now, I shift my focus on my own mat and listen to my body. “The correct way of practicing asana should not result in pain and discomfort”.

“MEL” Jan’17 200hrsYTT



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