Sleeping problems

After one and a half weeks of practicing yoga I experienced that my body was very tired, actually in a quite nice way, so that I was looking forward to sleep. However my mind was still wide-awake, overwhelmed from all the new things we are learning, for example the wide and explicit terminology of our yoga theory sessions.

So I am lying in bed and I cannot sleep. After I finally fall asleep, I continuously wake up during the night, not once not twice but three times, and before you know it time to wake up again. 6 am and another day begins.

Back in the studio I mentioned my problem to Paolu. Apparently it is a common problem for some of the student, but with some newly learned Sleeping routines I thought the problem was solved.

The first sleeping technique started of with turning off the lights, and laying down in a comfortable position. With eyes open the technique includes turning our eyes in a circular motion for at least 100 times or as long as one can sustain from keeping his eyes open. Personally this technique was not very helpful however a plus side to the technique was that I didn’t wake up as often during the night as usual.

After the weekend Paolu introduced us to another technique. Similar to the first technique, one has to switch off the lights, lay down in a comfortable position, but instead of rotating your eyes in a circular motion, one has to keep their eyes open and take in long and deep breaths. Furthermore you also have to keep your hold in your breath as longs as you can possibly can, then exhale. You have to continue this until you fall asleep. This technique worked much better for me as well as for my friends.

Finally with 4 weeks of the yoga program behind me, my mind and my body has adjusted, it has adapted to the new techniques and the wide terminology. I am once again in control of my own my mind and body, and finally I can sleep better.

All in all it is good to know these techniques because you never know when your mind decides to turn against you, but don’t worry according to evolution we all eventually adapt.


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