How my sleeping and eating habits changed

I always hated getting up early. This is one of the biggest reasons choosing journalism when I was studying at the communication faculty. I was always a late night and -of course- late morning person as I was enjoying my time during the late night. My job was very convenient to support my life style as well. I used to go to work late in the morning and come back late in the evening. Each individual has different habits. Different habits form different patterns. As pattern forms karma, my karmic pattern was getting up late.
Having a child was a big change in my life in terms of getting up very early in the morning, waking up many times during the night and not getting enough sleep. At the same time I was seeing how my body was adopting to new conditions. This was my first challenge. And then…
The second challenge was this teacher-training course. I was very concerned about getting up very early before the course started. But I decided not to think about it, just handle it when it comes. (Just like being a mum). Being anxious was a useless state of mind that you can never step forward. Starting from the beginning I was very successful to go to bed early and get up early. Never had any wish to go to bed late. In fact my sleeping pattern is much better than before. I wake up before the alarm clock rings and feel that I had enough sleep for the day, which rarely happened before. I started to remember my dreams. I started to sleep with sequences that I am aware each one of it. I guess I have more deep sleep period than before.
I also observe other good changes happening with me. One of them is becoming a vegetarian. Since I was kid meat wasn’t my taste of food. It was always a food that someone had to push me to it for a nutritional value reason, as I was always skinny. Except my pregnancy and nursing period the amount of meat I take was very limited. I think I was just waiting for the right reason to stop it. I was feeling guilty every time I ate meat. I think I was waiting for something to do the action: Yoga! That’s why it was very easy for me to stop eating meat. Apparently, with all of these big changes I think I was more than ready in my mind to study yoga.
The reason I joined this course is self-improvement, in terms of getting a body-mind-soul connection. I actually didn’t think about the outcomes, like becoming a teacher. If it happens just happens. That is the reason I am very decisive to continue this journey as I notice how I enjoy studying. I didn’t know I was in “karma yoga” until Master Paalu thought us what karma yoga is. I am not worried about the outcome; I am decision oriented. Decision and action make me happy and keep going as I see many improvements on the way.

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