Six anti-insomnia yoga poses

Six anti-insomnia yoga poses, let you sleep until dawn.

Studies have shown that insomniacs are prone to anxiety, diabetes, depression and congestive heart failure. Also accompanied by other symptoms, such as: listlessness, easy fatigue, can not concentrate, emotional fluctuations, serious impact on work and study. In addition, if you don’t sleep well for a long time, the aging rate will be accelerated; Because the body cells can only repair and remove toxins when they sleep. Normal sleep requirements are six to eight hours of sleep a day. If you cant get enough sleep because of insomnia, practice yoga.

Why do you recommend yoga instead of other forms of exercise? its because when you practice yoga, Our body and mind, breath and every part of the body are all connected together. You can feel the tension in the body area when you are fixed in a pose, Yoga stretching has a very good calming effect, which helps us to get rid of insomnia or bad sleep habits, in addition to reducing stress, help to relax.

Asana 1: Forward Bend
This pose requires the upper body to bend forward, giving the back muscles a good stretch. Helps stimulate the nervous system and increases blood supply. To soften the spine, promote blood circulation, and stretch all parts of the body, forward flexion is very helpful in fighting insomnia.

Asana 2: Cat Arched Back
This is another spinal bending asana practice. Often called Cat Arched Back Pose, regulate digestion, massage abdominal organs, improve blood circulation and relax the brain. As a result, it helps to improve sleep conditions and ultimately get rid of insomnia.

Asana 3: Butterfly Pose
This pose stretches the knees, groins and inner thighs well, Its great for relaxing your body, helping you to get rid of tiredness caused by walking or standing for a long time, allowing you to really relax and sleep better at night.

Asana 4: Falling Arrow Against the Wall
This pose is a great way to eliminate fatigue in the hips and back, and deliver fresh blood and nutrients to the brain. Calms the mind, relieves headaches and helps to get to sleep faster and better.

Asana 5: Baby Pose
This is one of the best yoga poses for insomnia. The posture is like the posture of an unborn baby in the womb, hence the name, to fully stretch the back, relax the muscles, help soothe the nervous system and improve sleep quality.

Asana 6: Savasana
This pose is a must practice at the end of each yoga class. It relaxes all systems of the body. If you want to get rid of insomnia, you can also try yoga nidra, the effect is good. You can also add Pranayama to this pose to relieve tension, relax muscles and body and mind.

No matter how hard you try to hypnotize yourself during the night, you cant sleep, its crazy, and the more you struggle with it, the more you cant sleep. So relax, don’t be anxious, try to develop the habit of letting your brain and body fall asleep at a specific time. Let yoga help you get back on track, help you relax, reduce stress, and get rid of insomnia symptoms.