Sirsasana – Headstand

Headstand is referred as mother or father of the yoga poses. We spend so much time right side up every day. It’s very good sometimes to get the feeling of upside down. There are so many benefits from the Headstand, such as strengthening shoulder, neck and core muscles, stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands and reversing the effects of gravity on the lungs, diaphragm and skin. The asana can help you to bring your blood to the places where normally cannot be reached enough when we are right side up. Some yogis even claim that doing the headstand help their grey hair changing back to black!
Although this asana has so many benefits, it is quite challenging for the beginners as it requires Strong shoulder, deltoid and core muscles, which is the foundation of this pose. The beginners sometimes are prone to put too much weight on the neck.
When I started to practice this asana, I had a lot of difficulties. The first thing to circumvent is the fear. Thus, it’s always suggested to practice against wall. Furthermore, there are a few preparing poses which can be practiced before you can try the full headstand. These preparing poses can be practiced safely and easily. These poses can also help to build the strength of the muscles required by the full headstand and help you to gain final balance in the near future.
1. Headstand Prep 1: Straight Legs
2. Headstand Prep 2: One Knee Tuck
3. Headstand Prep 3: Tuck two legs
4. Prep 4: Headstand Against a Wall
5. Prep 5: One-Legged Bound Headstand Against a Wall

Hopefully everyone can overcome the fear and enjoy the upside down moment brought by this asana!

By Sophia WEI,
Jan-May Weekend Batch 200Hrs TTC

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