Sirsasana – Headstand

by JO
Get into headstand safely and comfortably. Some important awareness you must know before start the headstand practice.
Look for a safe place
Need a space that you can place your mat and no deris around your practice area. Stay closer to the wall, place your hands around 5 to 6 inches aways from the wall. The wall is to give support you and preventing you falling backward on to the floor.
Hand position
1st of all, you have to always check the width between your elbows which is flexes your arms horizontally (rotate medialy 90degrees) Keep your fingers touches the other side of your elbow, this is an ideal width between your elbows. Then externally rotate you arms untill right & left hand can hold together. Keep your pinky (last finger) behind the other and place firmly on the floor. (you can refer to the picture below) 
Head position 

The crown of the head should be axactly on the floor, without tilting forward or back. The hands are supporting behind the back of your head.  

Neck position

Neck have to always keep it straight and lengthening, do not extend or flexe your cervical when you are doing headstand.
How to support your body weight (Important)
When your legs is off the floor, your whole body weight will go to your head, hand and elbows. To prevent neck injury, you have to use your arms (hands & elbows) to push against the floor then depress your shoulders away from the floor, so you are actually lengthening your neck instead of shorten it. Once you feel your neck are shortening you should come down, go into child pose and rest, then try agan later.
Step 1 – Place your arms, hands and head into headstand position with knees together and kneeling on the floor.
Step 2 – Stretch your legs and walk toward your head as much as possible until your body and the floor is in 90 degrees. For those who can’t reach 90 degrees you can stay at your max and hold it for 5 or 10 breath. Repeat a few times before go to step 3.
Step 3 – Flex right knee & hip, bring your leg closer to your chest and stay there for 5 or 10 breath. Repeat to Left leg. ( Repeat a few times before go to step 4)
Step 4 – Repeat Step 3 balance on 1 leg, then transfer your weight off your leg toes and bring both legs close to your chest for 5 or 10 breath. (repeat a few times for those who few wobally)
Step 5 – Slowly extend your legs towards the ceiling and stay for 15 / 25 breath. (breathing can be adjust accordingly to your own practice)
Always remember to practice accordingly to your ability. Do not over forcing your self to go through all this 5 steps in one go. You may start of with step 1 to step 3 for a few times before move on to step 4. And again practice step 4 until is really stable before go to step 5.

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