Sirsasana (Head stand) lesson plan

Lesson Plan

1 hour

Focus: Sirsasana

Primary target– Shoulder, core , abdominals and arms strengthening

The goal for this class is to  practice various postures to strengthen target muscles, leading up to an improved final pose.

Introduction 5 minutes

students are welcomed.

Teacher asks if anyone has a medical condition or injury.

Balasana (childs pose) is also demonstrated here for students to go to at anytime during the class if they wish to rest.

Breathing 5 minutes

Ujjaya breathing 3 “OM”
Kapalabathi 10 times , 3 round

Warm up 5 minutes

Guide students through a basic warm up, starting with the neck and finishing with the ankle

 Move neck side to side, up and down. Shoulder rotation, hip rotation, knee rotation, dorsiflex and plantarflex.

Asanas 20 minutes

Postures are performed and instructed simultaneously. Focus asanas students will require a demonstration initially.

Wake up/ energising

Surya Namaskara A & B (sun salutation ) x5 each form

Exercices 30 minutes after each exercises child pose and adjustment.

Arms: Push up positions, Push up rotation(forward and backward) , 2 rounds of 10 times each.

Core: Plank position( elbow on the floor), side plank 1 minutes each.

Abdominals: Abdominal resistance with partner, push the leg , forward and sideways. 10 times for 2 rounds. Lie down on your back, Wide leg opened 45 degree above the floor, try to reach forward with your upper body 50 times for 2 rounds.

Speciale Asana Head stand 4 minutes

Half  head stand  position, legs extended towards the wall 90 degree . 20 seconds strengthen the shoulder.

Head stand position hold 2 minutes, 2 rounds. Try without the wall

Relaxation 5 minutes


Students feed backs, guide students for the next lesson.


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