Why you should do Sirasana every damn day!

Sirsasana or headstand is one of my favorite postures, it takes me back to those summer days in the park, constantly balancing on my head! Not only is this posture a great party trick, but it is actually so much more. The health benefits of the asana and its variations are many …

  1. It Relieves Stress

Headstand is a cooling posture, helping to draw the attention inwards. This posture can help if you suffer from anxiety/stress, or have any worries that life may bring!

  1. It Increases your Focus

Turning upside down increasing the blood flow to your brain. This helps to improve mental function, and increases your focus, keeping your mind sharp and clear.

  1. It Improves Blood Flow to the Head

When you flip over, you send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the head. Not only does this help prevent macular degeneration in the eyes but it improves nutrient delivery to your hair follicles.

  1. It Strengthens Shoulders and Arms

Your arms are engaged in the headstand and you really need to push down into the ground with your forearms. This utilises the strength of your arms, shoulders and back to keep the pressure off of your neck/head. This posture really improves your upper body strength and muscular endurance.

  1. It Improves your Digestion

When upside down the effects of gravity are reversed on your digestive organs. This helps move stuck material, release trapped gases, as well as improve blood flow to the all important digestive organs, thus increasing the nutrient absorption and delivery to your blood cells.

  1. It Develops the Strength in The Core Muscles

Headstand is a major core workout. You need to engage your core strength to hold your legs up and keep your balance. Increasing your core strength will help you balance on your head for longer.

  1. Stimulates The Lymphatic System

The lymph system removes waste products from your bloodstream. Turning upside down stimulates the lymphatic system and removes all these toxins from the body.
If you practice headstands regularly, eventually it will become as natural as standing on your own two feet. Your neck, shoulders, and spine will be strengthened, and you will start to notice all the benefits listed above.
Good luck, take care of your neck and practice Sirasana every damn day!
Luisa Vass YTT 200 (weekday)

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