Going Simple

We always think of adding more flavoring to our food by adding more and more condiments to it. As time goes we start to crave for more flavoring and doing harm to the body by adding excessive condiments. Not only does this create stress for the body it also destroys the original flavor of the main ingredient itself.
It always nice to eat food that are really tasty, but we should look at more natural options than chemically manufactured ones. No doubt that they proof the flavor is enhanced with less disadvantage of the original ones. For example Aspartame it is much sweeter than sucrose so only small amount is needed for flavor and reduce calorie intake, but there are studies that Aspartame lead to headaches to some individuals and ongoing research of adverse effects of it. There is involvement of commercial profits in these products causing hype up benefits with intentionally missed disadvantages. Something I have picked up during nutrition class always look for something that is simpler on the ingredient list and avoid anything that you don’t know when possible.
Always look for fruits and vegetables that is in season, not only is it cheaper it is also much tastier. Unlike genetically enhanced fruits and vegetables that are available all year round, but do not taste as good as their counterparts. Taking durian for example for those who love it you know you can get it all year round, but only those during the durian season taste the best. The fruits are given ample time to grow and absorbing the nutrients it need to be tasty. For vegetables you don’t need add much flavoring and minimal preparation is needed for maximal benefits.
Tasty food may not be necessary good for your body and food that is good for you can be tasty.
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