Silence Is The Sound Of Sahasrara

Sahasrara, a funny sounding word to a Sanskrit-foreigner. difficult to remember, fun to attempt to pronounce, and satisfying to let the syllables roll off your tongue. the concept is similar. “funny sounding” to a non-believer (of “divine consciousness”), “fun” to attempt to experience to experience from within, to the higher consciousness, and PROBABLY satisfying if you could attain balance of the Sahasrara – i mean, i am guessing but being connected to the everything and nothing, being conscious and “unconscious” (detached) to all – sounds like the ultimate peace, like you have beat the final boss in a video game (called life?).

what is silence to me?

channel 1: phasing out all senses (esp. of audio, visual, and smell) around and in me into a messy harmony (or destruction) of sounds and sights

how? by recognizing the existence of that presence, and then simply acknowledging it.

moods that would let me channel such silence:

  • when i am feeling neutral and driven and am able to concentrate at my center – nothing matters more than my current being
  • when i am feeling relaxed and at peace, that everything is ok
  • when i am feeling outta outta sorts due to lack of mental/ physical energy, or overdrive of mental energy (i.e. super pissed/ upset!), and cannot concentrate on a single instance of something

channel 2: filtering out all senses around me

how? by forcefully shutting everyone and everything out.

moods that would let me channel such silence:

  • when i am feeling defensive, angry, and close-minded
  • when i wallow in self-pity, feeling depressed and low, like nothing will ever be ok
  • when i feel defeated and hopeless, like everything is pointless
the parallels in everything we do, including asana practice/ ashtanga sutra, is mad.


next is a very lame series of text i would love to call poem –

Title: understand, experience, be

in control vs state of controlling (effort vs effortlessness)

acknowledging vs shutting out (phasing vs filtering (of senses))

attachment vs detachment (of everything-ness and nothingness)

them growing pains; one day we shall

reach without trying to reach

 ’nuff said.