Sick of Life?

Ever felt like life has come to a hiatus?

Routine activities day after day had seemingly becoming a question mark of what’s next, what’s all these for. That was what I had felt for as long as I can remember. Day after day I asked myself if this is how I want to continue my life for the next for god know how many more years to go. Because….always remember, you will never know what is going to happen next :x…….I felt that things need to change. I need to get out of the regular predetermined pathway. I need to do something that I would love doing, at least that’s what I choose to believe for now.

I had too much regrets in life which I shan’t start going through them one by one because what’s the point of living in the past and feeling regretful of what you should have done? Unless you want to “kaypoh” about my unexciting life, don’t be shy, just give me a call :D. Focus on the future and ask yourself instead what you can do next.

After opening a baby factory for an unusual period (in SG context of course) of consecutive 3 years, I started feeling all these weakness and ailments is getting to me 🙄 , I felt it especially on my lower back. I thought this couldn’t be possible since I always think of myself as Popeye 😆 ‘

I wanted to get back to a regular exercise that could help me strengthen my core, and of course help me lose weight and tone up, because this is the one and only thing I am paranoid about on a hourly basis. I considered Yoga, but………Hatha yoga makes me bored :x……Nevertheless, one day I took the plunge to sign up for a 27 months Yoga package because of the variety of classes I could attend, who doesn’t like varieties right, choosing your classes like going for a buffet, except that I don’t grow horizontally for enjoying this buffet, heh heh, and that was how I started my affair with Yoga.

Sometime mid last year, I started cursing, feeling angst and depressed all the time over work, which I felt that this is really a waste of my tears, time and life. In Nov, I finally told myself enough is enough. I started researching into Yoga Teacher Courses on weekends, because I can’t afford to quit my job now, what else right? There’s a saying in the Chinese world, “hand stop mouth stop”. Besides I have extra 3 mouths to feed now.

Anyways, enough of my nagging above. Next up, what I feel about the course so far? Woah, in fact it was not what I really expected. I went to this course with the intention of “I MUST GET MY PASSPORT TO HEAVEN” and one day saying bye bye to my company, but to my surprise, I didn’t know Yoga has such a deep knowledge to it, I have enjoyed every single class thus far, and actually don’t feel Hatha Yoga bores me anymore.

When Master Paalu first introduced to us Kapalbhati and explaining about the health benefits of doing it daily, I was still thinking if this is real because I have trust issues. 😐 In any case, Since I have already paid my hard earned money to get a passport, why not try doing it right? I religiously woke up at 6am everyday, well sometimes forced to wake up by my 3 little ones in fact, to do Kapalbhati. Well so far what I observed from this daily practice, my skin is actually glowing and less dry? I shamelessly asked around my friends if they can see my glowing skin :D, but of course all I get from them is 🙄 ….It’s ok….because I know for sure that my skin is really GLOWING without any application of moisturiser.

The next thing which I also do it daily since I have the extra time from my 6am Good Morning routine, Uddiyana Bandha. I haven’t seen or feel any difference as of now, because probably I have not really master the correct technique, but the only thing I know for sure is…. how to look slim in my photos effortlessly, HA HA HA 😡 …OH OH! in fact actually there is something I really felt, engaging Uddiyana Bandha when doing my downward facing dog, and forward bending poses, it actually enables me to fold deeper into the poses.

Ok..that’s about it, it’s time for bed.


Lim Pik Wui, Tiffany

March 2018 200hrs Weekend YTTC







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