Show Gratitude and Surrender Ego…

New Year’s resolution…To take up 200 hrs yoga teacher’s training course and obtain in-depth knowledge of what Yoga is all about. Is there more than physical wellness which I have been seeing in Yoga practices in studio classes and youtubes.
200hrs YTT course in Tirisula Yoga has given me the head start of my journey into Yoga. I can see myself going back to basics in life where it all started. An innocent child who came into this world with nothing…no gluttony, anger, greed, pleasure, envy, pride and laziness. How I have been influenced by the society to become who I am today. I am conscious of my acts but have always felt I have not done enough to be a better person. It is through the eyes of Yoga TTC that I started to understand why certain behaviors are being exhibited and how these could be overcome by going through the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga/ Raja Yoga.
The ability to show gratitude, gratitude of contentment and to surrender my ego. As I practice asana, I am able to start treating challenging yoga poses as part of life’s difficulties, and thus great opportunities to practice the art of offering. I have started to recognize tension as a signal; holding and gripping are signs that my connection with issues is lessening.
Each of the 8 limbs in Ashtanga Yoga practice enlightens me as our Masters go through them with the class in this 200 YTT course. Grateful that Yoga has come into my life.
Student, Jenny Yeng

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