Should or shouldn’t I mention that I have a health issue to my yoga teacher?

During these four weeks of YTT, we have been hearing and talking about those students that have health issues but don’t mention them to the teacher. In this post, I want to talk from the perspective of one of these students.

I have an autoimmune disease that affects mobility, strength, balance, among many other things. So let’s go straight to the question, should or shouldn’t I mention that I have a health issue to my yoga teacher?

The answer is: IT DEPENDS.


These are some of the things you have to consider:

  • What your doctor recommends
  • The condition you have
  • How much do you know yourself and your body
  • How much do you understand your disease
  • What do you expect from the yoga practice
  • The yoga style you are practising.


Reasons to mention your health issues:

  • Your doctor recommended you to practice yoga to recover yourself
  • It will affect the flow of the class
  • You are not sure if the level of the class is right for you
  • The teacher is asking to do something you really cannot do


Reasons not to mention your health issues:

  • You feel good and are confident about your practice
  • You have tried yoga before and know it will not affect your health
  • You don’t trust the teacher
  • You just know you can do it


In my case sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. For the normal classes I usually don’t mention, because I don’t want the teacher to treat me in a different way, I just do what I can and don’t do what I cannot. For the YTT I just mentioned the day we were starting, because I realised there were some poses that were going to take more than a month for me to achieve.

So, after saying all this I just recommend you to be aware that many of the students you will have won’t tell you about their health issue, unless it’s something obvious or unless they want your help and guidance. Be mindful that not everyone has the same strength, flexibility or abilities and if you have a health issue, keep looking there will be a yoga style that is suitable for your condition.


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