Shoulder Stands

I started out my 200hr TTC training course vehemently disliking inversions Perhaps it’s due to my weak linguine arms that can’t seem to hold me up or the fact that in secondary school while doing a handstand, my partner lowered me the wrong way, not only giving me the fright or my life, but also a sore back for the following days, I’ve always found the concepts of inversions unnatural and scary. When I’m upside down, everything looks weird. Furthermore, with all my blood rushing to my head, I’ll get out of the pose feeling all giddy and flustered.
It’s only shoulder stands that I rather enjoy. It’s one of the few inversions that I really find relaxing and one that I feel like I can go on holding for a long, long time. Furthermore, there are undeniable benefits to doing the shoulder stand. These include:
1. Better complexion and youthful looking face
By allowing blood to flow to your face while doing shoulder stands, thie shoulder stand improves complexion and helps smooth out wrinkles. It’s no wonder that most of the older yoga practitioners that I know don’t look their age at all. This also allows blood to drain from the lower limbs and will improve the appearances of varicose veins.
2. Increased core strength
Holding a proper shoulder stand requires a lot of core strength. This is also true for many of the other inversion poses that require a lot of muscles for stability.
3. Stimulates the glands in your neck
The neck contains the thyroid gland, an important gland in the secretion of hormones that regulates the metabolism of the body. Thus, stimulating this gland using shoulder stands will definitely improve hormonal balances in the body.
Those aforementioned benefits, alongside others, can be fully exploited when we practice yoga safely. However, this pose is not without its risks. Thus, those with neck and spine injuries, as well as menstruating women, should avoid this pose for it might not be safe for them. Nonetheless, the numerous advantages that this pose offers definitely allow it to earn its name as the Queen of all yoga poses.
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