Shoulder pressing pose – Bhujapidasana

Shoulder-pressing pose – Bhujapidasana
Bhujapidasana is quite a challenging pose for most people. The Sanskrit word “Bhuja’ means arm/shoulder and ‘pida’ means pressure. Hence the name shoulder pressing pose. Many people think that yoga is all about stretching, this pose proves otherwise as one needs to have good shoulder/arm strength to lift themselves off the mat. Also, they also need the strength in the shoulder/arm to sustain in the elevated position till they can hook their ankles together and head on the mat.
Exercises/Asanas to prepare for this pose:

  1. Pasarita Padottanasana

In this wide legged forward bend pose, it helps to strength the hamstrings and also flexion of the hips forward. The flexion of the hips will assist in the lifting of the hip during the press up. This also helps the rectus abdominis to contract during the lift.

  1. Push ups/Chaturanga

To gain more strength in the shoulder/arms, push up is necessary to help to strength the triceps and the deltoids.

  1. Navasana

Boat pose will help to strengthen up the core that will assist in the lifting and to maintain in bhujapidasana.
To get into the pose:

  • From Uttanasana, walk your feet over your palms, shoulders will be under your thighs. Adjust your arms to slightly less than shoulder width apart.
  • Ground palms onto the mat, tilt torso forward and raise your hips until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly walk the feet towards each on the floor. Cross the right ankle over the left while maintaining the bend in the elbows.
  • Keep the hips lifted by engaging your abdominal muscles. Slightly bend elbow to balance yourself.
  • When you have stabilized yourself, and if you can go further, tilt your torso further by placing your head onto the mat. Hold on for 5 breaths.
  • Advanced students will jump back to Chaturanga from this pose. Else, you can just tilt your body up to neutral position and bend elbows more to release the legs on the mat.

This pose takes a lot of arm and core strength. Would advise you to do more push up or chaturanga hold to build up your arm strength.
Min Yi
200hr Weekday

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