Shatkarma (Jala Neti is the new cool)

Prior to Tirisula’s YTT, I had been following the updates posted on Instagram and Facebook, this included coming across uploaded clips of Master Paalu and other students performing the Jala Neti and Sutra Neti.

The curiosity in me got me googling the benefits and/or the side effects of the Neti techniques. I was pleasantly awed at the searched result as it is said to be a traditional yogic method of cleaning sinuses. Growing up, I developed irritations in my nostrils in the early years – the red teary eye and regular habit to sneeze out mucus and phlegm can be really cumbersome. The doctor eventually diagnosed me with sinuses and told me it is genes related.

The Neti pot has served me pretty well these days to remove impurities every other morning when I feel blockage in the nostrils; not only it is fun by looking silly with water gushing/flowing in and out of the mouth, but my head feels lighter and the air also smells fresher than ever! Though the efforts are futile while making occasional attempts at Sutra Neti, the thread is moving up an inch deeper each round and I believe someday I would gracefully pull it out of my mouth to gain the complete experience. Like the saying often goes: “No pain, no gain.” 😛

Terence~ Jan 17 YTT

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