Sharing My Love For Yoga

I’ve been practising yoga for a few years now and although slowly and gradually, it’s taught so much within me. I’ve learned to have a more positive outlook on life, to be thankful for what I already have while chasing my goals, to maintain a healthy mind and body. Yoga has truly become a way of life.

For me, naturally, I love sharing my knowledge with others, I love being there for someone when they need me. So I thought being able to share my experience and knowledge on Yoga would be amazing. In this day and age, there are so many facades of Yoga. There’s Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Core, Backbends, Arm balance/Inversions/Yin. The beauty of having so many different styles and pace of Yoga is that most if not all people of different kinds of shape/form/fitness abilities/spirituality are able to practise it.

This has led to my interest in going for the Yoga Teacher Training Course. Majority of my practice revolved around asanas and I wanted to deepen my knowledge on how Yoga can help me and others physically and mentally. Over the course, we’ve been taught about the philosophies of Yoga, how our Chakras work (the energies in our body), linking our practice to our skeletal/muscular/respiratory/digestive system and a whole lot more.

With all these new knowledge, my hope is to share the benefits of Yoga whether physically, mentally or spiritually to those who are open to sharing their learning journey together with me.

“Let’s be the light in someone else’s darkness.” 💗