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After a long day at the sports camp, my son came back home tired and very nervous. He found me practicing Surya Namaskar and he started asking me a lot of questions such as what I was doing and why I was saying those funny names while doing yoga. I thought it was an opportunity that I should take to share this moment with him.

I took my laptop and showed him the different sequences of Surya Namaskar and then I read the legend of Surya Namaskar to him. As he was even more curious and asking me questions I suggested we do a kind of yoga game together. He immediately agreed with a big smile. It will also be a good way for him to relax and release the tensions that he accumulated during the day.

I put on some relaxing music to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere, and then we started selecting postures whose evocative names amused him to organize our fun yoga session.

My son loves animals so we first focused on a fun exercise of discovering poses with animal names. Poses such as cat, cow, dolphin, turtle, crocodile, cobra, butterfly, frog, rabbit, fish, horse and so on … it was a memorable moment of laughter.

Before starting the session, I showed him how to become aware of his breathing by asking him to fill his lungs breathing in the nose and then exhaling out the mouth making a hhhhhaaa sound (so he could let all the tension out of his little body). We did it together and repeated the same exercise 3 times. Then we did a few slow calming breaths in and out the nose. He was doing the movement so naturally and he seemed to enjoy it.

Once the poses have been selected, I added a mat on the floor so that he too can have his own space. Sometimes he was following the ‘’instructions’’ and copying me, sometimes he was doing a complete different pose out of his imagination and imitating the sound of the animal. I let him be creative as the purpose of the moment was not to be aligned with the pose but to have a yoga session where he could explore, play, and we could laugh together. Such a great experience, a pure moment of love and complicity.

Yoga can bring a lot of joy especially if you don’t take yourself too seriously. How nice it is sometimes to just step on your mat and have fun and how good it fells to multiply the fun by sharing it with someone you love.