Setting an intention

It got me into deep thinking today when Master Ram brought it up and explained about it during today’s lesson and it got me thinking that the goal aka “intention” that I’ve set for myself that was it because of my Karma or was it just my mind?


Setting an intention doesn’t always need to have a timeframe. It should be something clear and straight that your body and mind knows it. Hence, your body will also flow naturally accordingly with your mind in order to achieve it.
For example, I would like to achieve splits or any other particular asanas in 1 month. So naturally, I would set my time to practice regularly, allowing my body to flow accordingly in order to achieve.
Another example is like you want to get xmas presents for your good friends. You already know what to get and even if the cost of the present itself is going to be much higher than the budget you all have set, you will still want to get it for him/her because you know him/her will like it, it’s a need or it’s useful. And you do not expect any return from them.


So, to be honest, I’ve never been a tidy person ever since I was young. I was totally fine to be untidy, my room was so messy and I didn’t bother to even clean it up because I was thinking why bother when it will be untidy again? I only tidy up occasionally or whenever I feel like it.
But as soon as I hit my mid 20s, I started to change without realizing. And being in a clean environment actually makes me feel better. Like my moods gradually became better and allowed me to take a moment to feel the sense around me. It felt great that I even set the intention to clean and tidy up the whole house on every weekend be it on Saturday or Sunday no matter how tiring I know it will be.


Other than just making me feel better, but also by setting and achieving it, everyone in the family might feel better and also it’s good for my dog as well. I know my mum is grateful that I bothered to clean up, but of course, I didn’t do it because I need her to show me a sense of gratitude or like anything in return.