Set your inner child free!

When it comes to yoga, it’s easy to let ourselves get lost in the asanas (postures). What I mean is focusing too much on going into the postures and “getting into the right shape”, and therefore losing the sense of balance, harmony, or even forgetting to breathe. So, sometimes, it’s good to come back to the basics, enjoy the yoga practice and SMILE!

Watching my little one grow up, I realized how young toddlers or children naturally come into certain yoga poses, so I started doing yoga next to her, just for the fun of watching her imitate me (or me imitating her!).

So here’s a short list for all the mommies, daddies, aunties, uncles out there to share a fun time with the little ones:

Lion’s Breath
Not only will this pranayama make your little one laugh while you exhale with your tongue sticking out and “roar” like a lion, but it will help eliminate toxins, release stress and stimulate your throat and upper chest.

Or the art of “Asian squat”! Open your hips, tone your entire lower body and see who can hold longer! (I’m betting on the little one!)

Downward facing dog
This one’s always a winner with small babies who can’t move around yet, they’ll love seeing your face from up above. The older ones will giggle while trying to imitate you or push you down! So ground your back feet and squeeze those flexors to stay strong!

A personal favorite of my little one! It has become her “go-to” pose whenever she hears the word “yoga”.  I don’t know if it’s because of the calming effect of the pose, or the heart opening that makes sharing this moment together so precious, or maybe just because it looks like a snake, but she just can’t get enough of it!

Pawan Muktasana
Pretend to be a turtle by rolling back and forth in wind releasing pose (and stimulate your digestive system at the same time!).

Happy baby
Watch your baby smile in this happy pose while reducing your own lower back pain!

Child’s pose
Relax with this last pose, which might just be the perfect thing to make your little one fall asleep!