Use Your Five Senses to Stay in the Moment

How often is your mind wandering in the past or the future? You keep thinking about things that you should not say or do to someone. Then, you start wondering how your future will look like. Will you be a good parent? Will you be successful? Will your children have a happy life? If you watch what is going on in your mind, you will be amazed at how often it changes.

Your five senses contribute to what is happening in your mind. Therefore, focusing on one or more of your five senses can help you be more present and give calming effect. This is how you can use your five senses to become more present:


Look at each passing moments that is currently happening in front of you as a big picture. Imagine like you are looking at a big painting with its moving figures in front of you. Once you are feeling calm and focus, you will notice that your field of vision is getting wider. So, your peripheral vision also helps you to be aware of your surroundings. This practice can also help you to feel more positive toward your life.


Focusing on your hearing can be done in any places. You simply notice the different background noises. When there are some people around you, you can start noticing the laughing, coughing, or different voices that they have. When you are outdoors, you can notice the bird chirping sound, raindrops sound, wind sound, or any other sounds around you. Closing your eyes can help you to focus on you hearing.


You can focus on your tastebud when you are eating, or not. When you are eating, be aware of how the food tastes in your mouth. After chewing several times, notice how the taste start to change. When you are not eating, you can still be aware of the taste in your mouth. Is it bitter, sour, sweet, or different taste?


Inhale deeply and be aware of any smells around you. Simply smell the smells without labelling them good or bad. Keep breathe deeply and you will start feeling more calm as you are doing this. Feel gratitude for your ability to smell.


Close your eyes, and be aware of any sensation on your skin starting from your feet to your head. Observe your feet and be aware of any sensations on your feet. Then, observe your calves and notice how it feels. Do this for every part of your bodies until you reach your head. 



200hr Weekday (Nov-Dec 2013)

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