Self awareness – Who are you in yoga

I was told by Master Paalu that the way a person practices yoga tells a lot about the person. Are you someone that rushes into a pose, or someone that practices yoga as if you were entering into a yoga competition? Or perhaps you are somebody that forces yourself into a pose no matter how painful it might take you to do it, or you are just a bystander watching and envying your fellow yogis who could get into that difficult position? Are you always comparing yourself with somebody else? No matter what type of personality you have, the question is: “Are you are aware that you were behaving the way you are behaving?”
Self awareness is the ability to be at the present moment, not past, not future.  While you are holding on to that chair pose, are you in that moment, are you watching everything that is going through your body and mind, or are you recalling about the argument that happened last night? While you were chatting with your friends, are you in that moment or are you planning on what to do next? How many times have we actually lost our present moment when our minds are actually filled with past or future events?
Importance of self-awareness
When you act without awareness, you will never be able to identify whats right or wrong – it is as good as sleep walking, which means your mind actually takes control of you. Controlling your mind is the most important aspect in life and when you act with awareness, you are in control of your mind. And when you are in control your mind, you are in control of your life. When you are not aware of your current situation, you are inviting a lot trouble to yourself. This is especially true when it comes to a person suffering from depression, when they lost it, or reacting inappropriately, chances are they are totally unaware of the way they behave -This is when the mind takes control of them.
Yoga leads you to self-awareness – pay attention to your body and mind
Regular practice in yoga helps you develop self-awareness. Whenever you are getting into any poses, be at the present moment; listen to your breathing, feel your body and mind, what are they telling you? And if there is any distraction that comes along the way, don’t be discourage, just be aware of it and simply bring your attention back to your breathing. When you practice this often, you will find that you will understand a lot more about yourself and your surroundings. And with that understanding, you are in control of many things in life!
Watch your ‘Thoughts’, they become words.
Watch your ‘Words’, they become actions.
Watch your ‘Actions’, they become habits.
Watch your ‘Habits’, they become character.
Watch your ‘Character’, for it becomes your Destiny.
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Serene Ang

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