Seethu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

Seethu Bandhasana is one of the pose that I personally like among the back bends. Seethu means bridge, and Bandha means bind. This is relatively a simple and quite exhilarating pose.Beginners can practice it safely, whereas skilled practitioners can still experience the many benefits of this pose. Here are the techniques and benefits of Seethu Bandhasana:
1. Lie down with the back flat on the ground
2. Bend both knees with feet flat on the floor
3. Feets should be hip width apart. Heels should be as close to the buttocks as possible
4. Inhale, Raise the buttocks and the back upwards
5. Lift up the chest as high as possible, chin touching the sternum
6. Externally rotate the arms and grab hold to the ankles (or interlock the fingers under the back)
*hold for 5 breaths*
7. Slowly release the hand and place it shoulder width apart with palms facing down
8. Exhale, Slowly lower the back one vertebrae by one vertebrae from neck to tailbone
9. Straighten the knees and rest the legs
Neck and back injury
Chronic injury to knee, shoulder and back
Gastrointestinal tract disorder
Abdominal hernia
Use hands to support the lower back. Make sure the wrist is comfortable
Place yoga block under the hips to support the back
Rejuvenates tired legs
Increase flexibility of spine
Strengthen the chest, neck, spine, hips, back, buttocks and hamstrings
Improve digestion
Good for thyroid condition
Regulates the liver and spleen
Calms the brain and nervous system
Tones the female reproductive system and manage menstrual disorder
Adeline/ Jan 2016 TTC (weekend)

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