Seeking Peace and Harmony

In the past I practiced yoga without much thought and strength. After I attended this course for the initial week, it has helped me to become more aware of my body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movements. I feel more energetic and peaceful now.
I did some postures for the very first time which I was afraid to do in the past, like lotus, Halasna, Karenapidasana, Urdhva Padmasana (even it was not steady). It was because my mind and energy were more focused. Every morning we are required to practice Asanas and Pranayama several times as part of the training, like my fellow YOGI classmates, even we were all perspiring profusely, but the feeling was awesome and definitely a great sense of achievement.
My personal motivation for pursuing this course is that I want to advance further by challenging myself with relevant physical training and meditation to attain my ultimate goal of seeking peace in my mind and healing. And the ability to endure hard work and possess strong determination delivers desired outcomes. For my case, the peace and harmony I always desire.
Nicole (YTT 200hrs Nov)

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