Behind the scene

Demonstrating yoga poses in a room filled with fellow yoga lovers, it is like a performing on a brightly lit-up stage. We somewhat become vulnerable to our own boundaries and limitations. Our level of skills are publicly displayed and placed under scrutiny in the eyes of people around. Some may enjoy the adrenalin rush of what the limelight can bring them but on a deeper level, personal progression often happens behind the scene. Behind the scenes, we can certainly do more than just working out a perspiration.

I enjoy being an observer and I’m completely convinced that it is a role easier said than done. Observation is an acquired skill that commands patience, intelligence, curiosity and perhaps much more. Without these traits, observation can be a mere fruitless and unrewarding experience of daze. To start learning, I first observed how good observers observed. Yoga teachers, mentors and masters have soared in numbers in recent years but not everyone can be claimed worthy. When true masters observe, their attention does not get fixated at one point but rather as a whole. Their sharp eyes are able to detect subtle anomalies that often go unnoticed to amateurish observers. To be a teacher, we need to build an eye for details and intricacies and learn how to look beyond the superficiality. To both teachers and students, the interpretation established from observation is highly valued and possibly unique. Through the eyes of a teacher, movement faults are identified and corrected. Through the eyes of a student, mistakes occurrence is minimised and progression catalysed. We need to master the art of observation. Take a step back, go behind the scenes and observe the beautiful stage. One day, you might just be the prima donna.




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