Savasana, (sava= corpse) is typically the concluding asana in the closing sequence after a yoga practice.


1. Savasana


– Lie on your back
– Close your eyes
– Spread out comfortably
– Relax your toes
– Place both palms beside your hips, facing upwards
– Those with discomfort in lower back , place a rolled blanket under both knees
– Gently elevate chest a little
– Relax shoulder blades towards each other
– Sink back to the earth , feel the greater space created in heart center
– Take a deep inhale, and exhale
– Release any tension as you exhale
– Again, deep inhale and exhale
– Allow the breath to flow naturally
– Again, deep inhale and exhale, repeat for 7 more deep breaths at your own pace

2. Counterpose


Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 11.50.30 PM

– Gently open your eyes
– Slowly bend your knee towards your chest
– Roll over onto the right side (those who are pregnant, please roll over onto left side).
– Stay in this pose for 5 deep breaths,
– Deep inhale,
– Deep inhale
– Deep inhale
– Deep inhale,
– Deep inhale,
– Prop yourself up to sitting.
->Follow with meditation.


Muscles activated: none


(1) Deep relaxation with the activation of parasympathetic nervous system. This slows the heart rate, up the digestive system activities, and relaxes the sphincter muscles.

(2) Relief in muscle tension and joint pain with every deep breaths. Deep breaths expands lung capacity, facilitates the circulation of oxygenated blood around the body and thereby, reduces lactic acid build up.

(3) Mental alertness and body awareness, as well as longer attention-span through the process of quietening our mind and anchoring attention to breaths.

(4) Letting go completely preconceived beliefs of self and life for the union with the God within.

Precaution and contraindication:

(1) Those with discomfort in lower back , place a rolled blanket under both knees, so as to ease into the pose with minimal discomfort.

(2) Those who are pregnant, please roll over onto left side so as not to compress on inferior venae cavae, which may lead to late pregnancy inferior venae cavae syndrome.


Editha Halim-(200Hr) Yoga TTC,  07/14 intake

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