Do not belittle this pose. For me personally I find this pose most rewarding. Here is a small little text we can understand more about it.
In this deep relaxation posture, you lie motionless, appearing outwardly as still as a corpse. this is where the name of  this posture is given.  This classical pose of relaxing mind and body is to fully absorb the benefits of yoga practices. The deep relaxation promotes helps, to restore and rejuvenate the student. With this pose after yoga asanas we can become exploreres which we travel deeper into ourselves through layers of consciousness . ( most of us will also think that it is a time to fall asleep)
The relaxation deepens into meditation upon the constancy of duality, the nature of activity within stillness can be directly perceived.
By staying conscious during relaxation , one improve the strength of your mind. At first, relaxation training may put you to sleep or bring about an unconscious emptiness. These reactions are normal and are indicative of neurological reprogramming to your parasympathetic nervous system. These are the anatomical structures of  your relaxation reflex. Should anytime you go unconscious, relax and make the transition from stillness slowly, gradually, moving with deliberate anticipated motions.

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