Savasana – My Favorite Pose?

Some people may think that Savanasana, or relaxation pose, at the end of your yoga practice is a hard earned break, or just a chance to lay down and finally relax for a moment.  I know some non-yogi friends who have seen the famous pose at the end of yoga glasses and think the entire class is comprises of such poses.  This leads them to say things such as ‘yoga is way to easy for me’ or ‘I need something that’s going to make me sweat’.  I do not comment on these type statements.  I do, however, think that Savasana is probably the hardest yoga pose there is.
For me, just being still is difficult.  Sure, it feels good – it feels great.  But as soon as I begin relaxing back onto my mat and start working on relaxing one body part at a time, (starting at my feet), I get to about my knees before my mind starts wandering.   After my mind starts wandering, it’s only a matter of seconds before my eyes open and I am full on either in the past, or the future – never in the present.
Remaining present is what Savasana is all about.  The mental concentration it takes is tremendous.  Of course all meditation is the same.  However, for some reason, after asana practice, I am so joyful and full of life and energy that I have a hard time calming down for relaxation pose and a truly meditative experience.   The constant battle I have with myself in this pose has lead to many emotions including frustration, acceptance, apathy, lack of trying, sincere trying and so forth.  Some days are obviously easier than others.
I’ve used multiple techniques to achieve the higher state of mind I aspire too, some with more success than others.  I never skip Savasana, though I am sorely tempted too quite often during my daily self-practices.
For me, I realize that this is what I need to focus on putting my energy into.  Because it is such a challenging pose for me, the more I focus on being able to accomplish it.   My only measure of success is how I feel after the pose.  It changes day-to-day.  So, while some people may go into class or onto the mat dreading arm balance poses or massive stretches, I’ll be the one dreading Savasana, and thinking about how, after taming the body, I can finally tame the mind.

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