Saucha–the pathway to peace

The niyama Saucha is defined as “not coveting more than you have” (Wikipedia).  It is being content and in the PRESENT–not daydreaming about what we will/not have in the future and letting go of what we have/not had in the past.  It is to be truly satisfied in what we have, where we are (in space and time) and what we are doing at present.
This is easier said than done in today’s society–where we are constantly reminded by the media of what we do not have, and led to believe the more we aquire, the more content we will be!  Competition is fierce–and only because we are looking at others and comparing everything about ourselves to them.  Why is this so?  Why is it that if I do not do something better than another person, then I feel I have failed?
I can only answer for myself.  Comparing myself to others in all forms is a trap I have fallen into many times, and it steals my peace!  Without wasting time on why this is, I will instead focus on becoming free from it.  Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness is my answer.  When I am thanking God for everything He has given me and acknowledge He has a plan for ONLY me, only then am I secure in who I am and what I am doing.  Recognizing He is in control makes me feel content–I do not need to worry about my future, He has washed away my past, and He is walking beside me in the present.
But it is a constant battle–I must remember it daily, and count my many blessings daily, or more!  This not only gives me a sense of peace, but of being loved and satisfied with my beautiful self. 🙂