Saucha by Phill

We now begin to study the Niyamas, the internal restraings….
Shaucha is way to achieve purity is through practice of the five yamas(restraints) of non-violence Ahimsa, truthfulness Satya, non-stealing Asteya, Brahmacharya control of the sensual drive, and Aparigraha non-greed. Practicing these yamas is a cleansing process  to achieve a “pure” state of being, a physical and mental state of being.
Saucha is cleanliness of body, heart, mind and environment. It’s making choices about what you take in for your body, your mind , heart and environment.
Do you let any thoughts come in your mind at random, or anything to go into your mouth, or listen to anything that may even be disturbing to your being?   Purity of body, cleanliness, good health habits, a clear and orderly environment.
In my experience: just the food choice can make all the difference that you can not imagine.I start to become vegetarian since last year when my wife decided to practice yoga. So i jumped in with her and after one month i saw the result . It changed not only my body but also my mind, my way of thinking, I was less tired, my mind was clear, and less moody.

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