Lie on back + Palms on ground facing down, extend arms beside the body
Push on the palms (contract biceps, triceps, brachioradialis, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis) + lift the two legs up using momentum (contract ilioposoas, pectineus)
Extend legs above head + parallel to the ground
Flex elbows + Use hand to support your hips / back (contract biceps brachii)
Elbows closer to each other
Slowly rise your right leg (contract right biceps femoris)
Slowly rise your left leg (contract left biceps femoris)
Contract abdomen (transverse abdominis, erectus spinae)
Contract buttocks (medius and maximus gluteus)
Come down:
Flex Right/left knees (contract biceps femoris)
Extend legs above head (contract rectus femoris)
Extend arms (contract biceps) + palms pronation to the ground (contract brachioradialis)
Slowly round back and down : upper back, middle and lower back (contract transverse abdominis, rectus spinae)