Santousha – Contentment

Santousha is the sanskirt word for contentment.
We have all been in that situation where many of our classmates are able to do a certain pose flawlessly, but no matter how hard we try, we were unable to attain that pose, or that perfect alignment. Sometimes, we may even try to force ourselves just so that we can achieve that asana. However, this may backfire or even create fear in us.
For me, one of the asanas I have difficulty in is Sirsasana or headstand. As one by one, many of my classmates are able to come into headstand and subsequently even the other variations of headstands and handstand, I could hardly find my balance in headstand.
I realised that comparing myself with others was not going to help me get into headstand. Instead, I worked on it and found contentment in every baby milestone in getting into headstand. After many weeks, I found that magical moment where I could find balance when my knees were tucked. As we are heading towards the end of the course, I think I am just finally getting the hang of straightening my legs and staying there. (:
Wanting to achieve something may not be a bad thing, however, if we dwell on it constantly and beat ourselves up about it, we will end up feeling very negative and unsatisfied with ourselves.
When we accept ourselves just as we are, without comparing ourselves with other people or an ideal goal, perhaps we are able to move forwards and improve ourselves.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my classmates for all their words of encouragement and advice that helped me in my practice. (=
200hrs YTT (weekend)

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