Santosha – Fall in love with life and the wonders around of what we have.

Contentment, easier said then done. As part of human nature, the grass always seems greener on the other side, and we are always looking for more, and wanting more out of what we already have. As a result, we fail to appreciate the small and simple things in life that we already possess.
What we have never seems to be enough, and I am also guilty of having thoughts like ‘She has such a good life’, ‘If only I could afford that too..’. I would consider myself quite blessed, average income family, with loving parents who puts us before anything else. But at times, I would still be thinking, ‘if only…’  and the thought process would just keep spiralling down, resulting in regrets and jealousy. This negativity makes me fail to realize the things that I have in life.
I used to think does ‘contentment’ means we do not want to achieve more? Does it mean we do not work hard or just settle with what we already have? But then I come to realize that it is actually to have a goal without attachments. To be content, we still work towards striving towards something meaningful, but to be unattached to the results so that there is no comparison and expectations. Now, I constantly remind myself to be open to the outcome, as long as I have tried my best to work towards a goal, no matter what it turns out to be, I can be grateful of the experience and be open to what whatever may be in store for me next. 
I am glad I found an avenue that acts as a guide towards achieving Santosha – Yoga. Through each yoga practice (although it may just be an hour’s long class), it has helped me take moments to ground myself, and to reflect and be contented with the things I have in my life. Each yoga practice allows me to find peace and be at ease with myself. I gradually learn to fall in love with life and the wonders around of what we have.
Although it is a long journey towards achieving Santosha, I hope to gradually become more appreciative and satisfied of what I have, who I am, and I believe contentment brings about a genuinely happy person.
Sharon Lee

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