Santhosa–real peace

Santhosa is the second principle of Niyama. It means being contented and satisfied. Enjoy every moment of being in consciousness.
In our daily life, we are always trying to find things can make us happier for a little bit longer time. We have tried earning more money, changing a better job, living a better house, or keep buying new bags and clothes. However, those things all failed testing. Nothing can make us satisfied for more than 1 week, 1 month probably. Research has shown that 60% of the people think they will be happier if their earnings/salaries can double. In fact, the income of these group people ranges from several thousand to several hundred thousand or even more.
Our body is still the same body, but our mind fluctuates according to the gap between what we have and what we desire. Everyday our mind is like rollercoaster and it controls our body and torture our body through hormones. Eventually, the body is abused and spoiled.
Yoga brings the connection and awareness among our soul, our mind and body. Through Yoga, we use our soul to control our body instead of mind. Our soul needs to be purified and be peaceful and not affected by outside objectives.
Practise Yoga, Always have awareness of how to use our body. Be contented with what fundamental we have, be not sad for what we desire without a reason, and be grateful for everything around us and leave a life with real peace.
Wan YH ( 200Hr YTTC (Hatha/Ashtanga ),  class May 2015)

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