Into a samadhic state of mind

Meditation has eluded me ever since I started the practice; ironic isn’t it? I started with the expectation of achieving personal bliss (the kind sort where one enters into a deep calmed state of mind) but I was realistic abt it. I knew I was not going to achieve it in a week or two and so I gave myself a year even though I told my subconscious my mind to take as long as it needs to. I just wanted some calmness in my life, that is all.
If only I knew then that wanting a state of perpetual calm meant that I ought to extricate myself from the world and live in seclusion akin to the experiences of the Hindu ascetics.
I attempted several types of meditation practices but I never got around to achieving that bliss. That said, I remembered several experiences which I thought was extremely powerful to the extent that the memory lingers on till now and I have not been able to replicate the feeling thus far.
It was in July a few years ago; I remembered the month simply because i was contemplating how cold it was back in South Africa at that time of the year then and thought it would be nice to be able to light a cigarette at my balcony while overlooking the Table Mountain. That to me then was samadhic.
Somehow, my mind wandered back to reality then and I recalled reading a book by Thich Naht Han on the topic of walking meditation and the importance of being present in the moment. And because I was in the midst of walking home from the station (this was close to midnight, and no one was around), I decided to mindfully walk and clear my mind.
I took each step with a certain sense of deliberateness and felt the soles of my feet/ sandals touch the ground and as i lifted one foot up, i felt the groundedness in the other. It went on till i reached home. Needless to say, it was the longest 15 minutes walk of my life.
The thing was I did not feel any different nor did i feel the surge of enlightenment after that.
I tried it again the next day when i was walking back home. The second time felt lighter and took lesser effort. I kept at it until one particular day, i felt an energy rising up from the bottom of my feet shooting all the way up my spine and to the top of my head. It was quite an experience. I would go as far to say it was refreshing and it felt like the doors to enlightenment opened up; it seemed like the world stopped in its track and everything was just in a right place, in a right time.
I don’t quite know if that’s meditation, but this is what i feel about it.

Peace out for the last time,

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