Retrieving the talent and spotting the gold

I left the studio very emotional and moved. Something steered inside me, invoking a powerful emotion that is just beyond description.
This was the last day of class. The last of sixteen days.
Has it really been sixteen days already?
I can still clearly remember the excitement of waking up at 5am on the first day (I don’t usually wake up that early). Following that morning, sometimes I woke up in anguish amidst my interrupted dreams, sometimes I woke up lethargic having turned in too late the night before. Sometimes I woke up chirpy and energetic. Sometimes it was a mixture of everything.
But today was it! No more 5ams!
But it wasn’t the last day that was steering me. Something else was.
Now as I look back, I see how I have transformed.
A stronger physique aside, I am stronger ‘inside’ too. Mind and spirit.
I am more aware of, and hence more confident, my strengths and my abilities, which might have explained why I feel so emotional.
The truth is, for a very long time, I have always been searching for my ‘talent’.  I know we all have talents, meaning yes, I would have it too. I just don’t know what talent I have.
And so I used to like to ask people for opinions and suggestions, hoping that they could provide me with some insight. And so for a while, I was into palmistry and astrology, hoping that the universe could just tell me what I should be doing with my life instead of letting me waste my time to decide.
Consolidating all that and aligning it with the emotions of the past few days, that is probably why I have felt so emotional. The truth is I have never felt more ‘right’ than today. Even though I may not have the teacher’s poise yet, even though it was just simulated teaching, knowing that my peers enjoyed my class was steering.
I have always loved yoga and imagined myself to be a teacher. I just cannot believe how close I am to achieving it.
That aside, I also feel especially moved at the friendships I have fostered. I can’t help but agree with Paalu that there was something about our karmas that had bound us together in this very place.
Christy almost couldn’t have made it, had she not been able to find someone to watch over the children.
TJ might not have made it, had she not been granted sabbatical leave.
Lynn would not have made it, had the turn of events not spurred her to do something for herself.
I could not have made it, had I decided to go to Spain to do language immersion.
Our paths were so close to becoming disjoint but here we are. And the fact that we have become great friends through this programme definitely moves me.
“Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.”
John Evelyn
This may be the end of the Teachers Training Programme, but it is definitely the beginning of another exciting journey ahead.

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